Brent's close-up, sleight-of-hand magic will completely baffle your guests. He can do more for your event with a deck of cards than the most expensive caterer can do with lavish trays of food. Brent's magic will push your party levels past what cocktails, finger foods, and perhaps some background music can achieve.



The Watch 'Steal & Return' Routine!
Priceless Reactions! Huge Impact! Unforgettable times!
Hilarious! Fun! Unforgettable!
Brent often hears that he’s a comedian, as well as a magician!



Your guests will stop in their tracks, their eyes will pop, their jaws will drop, their faces will blush, their minds will numb. They'll scream in amazement, laugh in awe, and gasp in wonderment and disbelief. Your audiences will become completely lost in the moment as Brent defies the most basic laws of physics and turns logic upside down. Their sense of wonder will be heightened. They will be awestruck and spellbound with the most minimal of props- just a deck of normal cards and a few coins is all it takes for Brent to work his sophisticated brand of wizardry on your audience.



The Unforgettable Watch Routine!
Here, Brent returns a watch he just ‘lifted’ a few minutes before and completely unbeknownst to the gentleman (notice his associate’s wonderful reaction)!
Cocktail Parties
Brent performs close-up, sleight-of-hand magic for one of his many repeat clients; notice the reactions on the faces of the guests sitting- and standing- around the table.




There is a big difference between doing tricks and performing magic- Brent performs magic. And there is a big difference between merely occupying someone's time and truly blowing someone away – Brent blows his audiences away. The difference between doing tricks and performing magic, between merely occupying someone's time and truly blowing them away, between making an impact and making an indelible impression, between an ordinary get-together that is long-forgotten and an extraordinary event that lasts a lifetime is... Master Magician Brent Loewenstein.

Audio - Interview on KTRS

"...I haven't even seen David Copperfield do what you've done..."



"Oh my... Brent, you are... God!"


Magic 'Wanda'.


A must see card trick.


"I love you, Brent!"


The entire audience gasps.


It's just a magic show.