Magically Turning Ordinary Occasions Into Unforgettable Events™


Brent's high-caliber, sleight-of-hand magic is perfect for cocktail hours and even during dinner. His after-dinner show is the cap of the evening of magic. Brent will perform a variety of magic routines- from making objects disappear into thin air to reading minds and from making objects appear out of thin air to making your CEO magically appear. He can even ‘magically’ reveal your theme or messages!


The Amazing Watch Routine!

Brent amazes a group at a cocktail reception in Dallas, Texas.



Every show is different because every audience is different. ‘Believe’ will change your perception of what a good magician is.


There’s a reason Brent has become a favorite magician to so many – he has this knack for performing magic that simply and utterly blows his audiences away. He’s ‘loose’ on stage to the point that every performance of every routine plays-out differently because his live-shows are driven in ‘real time’ by your audience. Brent is amazing, funny, witty, creative, unique.

‘Executive Magic’
Brent can even teach executives a simple magic routine to perform themselves. Here, an executive performs a customized routine Brent taught him about to get across a few points about his products…in this case, windows.
Strolling Magic: Magic ‘Unplugged’
Brent is unstoppable when he’s performing!

Your best customers and prospects visit your hospitality suite. Hospitality suites offer valuable opportunities for enhancing key business relationships – but only if you take advantage of them. Brent’s sleight-of-hand magic will help make your hospitality suite the highlight of the evening or trade show. He will make every magical moment last a lifetime for your guests. Customers will look forward to attending a trade show for the chance to experience the wondrous, sleight-of-hand magic in your hospitality suite year-after-year.


Cocktail Reception
The expressions on the face tell the story!
The 'Aspirin Trick’
Brent’s audience member reacts in amazement after he performs one of his amazing
‘signature-piece’ routines.


Brent also performs in customer receptions, open houses, user-group meetings, and other customer events. Whatever the setting, Brent will magically turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary events!


The Bottom-Line:


Brent’s magic regularly makes woman cry (happy tears) takes people’s breath away, drops peoples’ jaws, and gives goosebumps. He’s very young-looking, and this causes audiences to underestimate his abilities; all this helps to create an even better reaction. He will make every precious moment you have with your guests, customers, vendors, and employees count. His 'signature-piece', feature routines for which Brent is identified with are remembered and talked about years after the event. His unique brand of magic evokes awe and wonder in people who have become jaded and blasé in a world where wonderful inventions are so commonplace and even expected. Magical, memorable, unforgettable, indelible impressions will be made. Brent will magically turn your ordinary party into a truly extraordinary event!


The difference between doing tricks and performing magic, between merely occupying someone’s time and truly blowing them away, between making an impact and making an indelible impression, between an ordinary get-together that is long-forgotten and an extraordinary event the lasts a lifetime is... Corporate Magician Brent Loewenstein.






The Prediction Chest Routine